Sep 30, 2022 | Genevieve Rullan

YETI Rambler 20 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler w/MagSlider Lid

This insulated tumbler from YETI is the ultimate everyday carry (EDC) beverage container. It's sleek, slender and lightweight design pairs perfectly with any attire. Fashionable and functional, this stylish container is exactly what you want in your bag.

Its stainless steel construction and vacuum insulation technology allow for an unrivaled level of insulation and temperature control. Plus, its sleek look and comfortable feel make it feel great in your hand. So you can bring it to the office, museum, art gallery or culinary school and enjoy your beverages responsibly. Perfect for every situation, this insulated tumbler is ideal for the modern nomad lifestyle.

Slim And Stable

With its sleek and slender shape, you would not expect this 20 ounce (0.57 liter) tumbler to be packed to the gills with remarkable performance. Indeed, this YETI product is built to last and maintain its shape even when heavily overloaded. The materials used to manufacture this efficient container are of a high quality that provides solid support to its users. In addition, its straight shape and lack of curves makes it stable in your hand, even when full. So you can feel confident that you're handling a reliable product that will not slip out of your grasp even when carrying a heavy load. Thanks to its ergonomic handle, you can easily transport this tumbler and feel confident that it will not break apart during use.

Highly Insulated

As its name suggests, the purpose of this product is to keep your beverages at the desired drinking temperature. To achieve this feat, the YETI Rambler is vacuum insulated. This feature allows the product's makers to control the temperature of hot drinks very accurately with only a couple of shakes. Simply put, the shake feature allows you to regulate the temperature of your drinks easily and accurately, wherever you drink them from. So if you're traveling, you can keep your beverages cold or hot as you like. In addition, this product's insulation allows you to enjoy your beverages without burning your tongue. Moreover, the vacuum insulation technology also filters out the excessive amounts of liquid that could otherwise cause flooding and damage to your drinkware.

Easy To Use

To ensure that everyone can enjoy this product without any trouble, the YETI brand provides detailed instructions online so that even those who are technologically inept can use it with only a few minutes of training. Furthermore, this insulated tumbler features a dual chamber design that allows you to store both hot and cold beverages simultaneously. In addition, its slim shape reduces the space in your bag, making it more organized and easy to transport. You can store a variety of drinks in this container without worrying about cooling down or heating up your beverages too quickly.

Thanks to its ergonomic handle and comfortable grip, this product is designed to be held in the palm of your hand. Like other YETI products, this stainless steel tumbler also features an integrated carry strap that allows you to wear it as a shoulder bag. When stored in your car, this lightweight and compact item will not consume much room. In addition, its sleek and modern look pairs perfectly with any décor. So whether you have a passion for art, fashion or food, this product will not disappoint.





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