Sep 11, 2020 | Genevieve Rullan

Sculpt a Better Figure with HotShape™ Body Waist Shapewear

Part of the journey to looking better, aside from improving your body by consistently following your physical fitness regimen, is wearing the right garments to bring out the best in your figure. There are many ways a nicely-fitted wardrobe can help in improving your appearance. Putting on proper clothes gives you a boost in confidence and the motivation to continue that tummy workout, but with the help of our HotShape™ shapewear undergarments, you can also keep chiselling your abs while you work, commute or chill at home.

HotShape™ waist shapers are some of your best tummy control shapewear bets. They are ideal for fat trimming. Of course, getting your waist slim also requires a load of hard work, patience and understanding the dynamics of related factors like nutrition, sleep, and mood. The result of failing to abide by your regimen is a bulbous stomach or “muffin top,” which is generally regarded as an undesirable part of a man’s figure. Luckily, the compression technology of our body shapers allows you to minimize your waist profile. Wearing one under your suit will keep you looking dapper and desirable all day long.

Our shapewear is designed to control the stomach and back areas; by applying moderate compression into them over time, you gradually get flatter abs and a much sleeker core.  
Our undergarments are excellent matches to your everyday apparel. Wear them under your clothes for the gym, where our flexible yet tight fabric really shines, giving you a wider range of motion while keeping your abs contracted. You’ll also love wearing them in the office, hangout, and anywhere else while feeling supremely positive in your body. You’ll actually notice how much more confident you are because each garment encourages your muscles to adopt a better posture, so you can naturally stand up straight with your chest out and stomach in.
The fabric is breathable, readily-absorbent and fast-drying; a serious advantage if you’re bound to sweat buckets during cardio or weight training, enjoying your time at a ball court, or even when it’s just a hot day in the office.
No matter what you wear, there’s a HotShape™ slim shaper top for your need and taste. Tuck in an out-of-shape chest or stomach! Put on the slimming vest for unparalleled tightness and security, the back support shirt to engage your posterior, and the tank top for lightness. Each will help you feel comfortable and sleek. They are tailored to complement your workouts by improving muscular strength, circulation and recovery while passively toning your entire core.

For the other half of your undergarments, try the HotShape™ line of slim shapers to help you get that supreme ab definition in no time. Because they are high-waisted, our briefs are able to sculpt most of your abdomen easily and reliably. You don’t need to worry about loose or slipping underwear thanks to its anti-slip grip band that lines their tops.

Need a bit of space down there? The open crotch slim shaper offers breathability and coolness alongside compression and support.

  • Moderate compression fabric to flatten the abs while shaping your waist and back
  • Extra high-waisted for superior coverage and shaping
  • Anti-slip grip lining at the top of the shaper keeps it in place no matter what, preventing roll-down
  • Perfect for wearing under fitted shirts on a day-to-day basis
  • Lends itself to sports and other physical activities because it helps keep the abs contracted
  • The shirt provides excellent comfort and seamless feel protection
  • Firm compression and optimal muscle support helps maximizing the efforts and extends workouts
  • Helps recovery after hard workouts
  • Improves blood circulation and prevents soreness
  • Effectively stimulates fat burning and perfect body toning
  • It makes you look fitter and improves the posture
  • Reduces swelling in the chest and arms to help you perform at your best
  • Boosts endurance for all types of exercise
  • Material that absorbs perspiration and dries really fast
  • Stretchable fabric provides enhanced mobility and flexibility
  • Businessmen wear them under suits to look better
  • Athletes wear them to prevent soreness
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